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If you have ever lived or vacationed in Nassau... it is no secret that beach-going day excursions in the summer can be a particularly overwhelming activity. Some might even say, one that takes a few days to prepare for mentally! 


You might also agree with me when I say, finding the best value beach access is hard and beach-going in general, can be a total free-for-all encompassing Murphy’s Law:


Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


So, what are the usual can-go-wrongs?


  1. Loud music; why are those mini Bluetooth stereos so powerful?

  2. Lack of shade; can you say sunburn through my SPF 15?

  3. Lack of space, on land and in the sea.

  4. Nowhere to rinse the sand and saltwater off; unless you’re into that.

  5. And the kicker, annoyingly long lines at food trucks.


As I type, I’m getting impatient at the imaginary drunk guy that’s holding up production because he can’t decide from a cheeseburger or a hotdog. If you are lucky enough to find a good Nassau beach, lake, or any open-water source clean enough to swim in with limited amount of beach goers, they are often MILES away from where you live! For the cruisers, they never seem close enough to the dock, requiring an added amount of planning and consequent exhaustion that sucks the fun out of the trip before it even starts.


Thankfully, I know of the most affordable, get-away beach spot in Nassau that has it all figured out. There is privacy, ease of planning and transportation, inclusive of bathrooms, showers, lunch, lockers, bars and other amenities that facilitate the making of a great beach day at the best value you could ask for--a Nassau excursion you and the family can do on your own:


Pearl Island.

























Only 5 kilometers east of downtown Nassau, Pearl Island is a gem for anyone wanting the escape the headache-inducing clutches of public beaches.


These are the four things that stuck out to me during my excursion!





Length of Time


I started this 5-hour excursion around 11 am Sunday morning. At first, I was apprehensive of the limited amount of time, but then I felt relieved when I realized, "Hey, I can relax for a few hours and have enough time for more adventures the rest of the day!"


Here’s how I spent my time:


  1. I slept for an hour

  2. Then started reading into a great book I’ve meant to get around to (it was quiet enough for that)

  3. literally dove into the sea on a mini snorkeling excursion

  4. dranked the sweetest tropical drinks ever invented (tell the bartender to surprise you) 

  5. ate many plates of fresh-cooked authentic Bahamian food

  6. and lounged across a sofa, savoring my last hour while getting reacquainted with soft, cooling sea breeze.

Complimentary Photo & Drink


Since my trip, I’m sure I clocked in at least 20 jealous IG followers.     


Upon arrival, it’s tradition to first stop in the front of the Pearl Island welcome sign to have a complimentary photo taken. The best part isn’t even the photo. It’s the fact that you don’t have to wait around for them to give it to you. You can wander off, and the photographer eventually finds you, delivering a printed copy in a protective sheet. The photo is also high-quality, so a quick scan with an app makes it the perfect upload to capture your activity-of-the-day for social media.





After snapping away, head over to the bar for a complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic Caribbean cocktail of the day. With the direct booking service offered, there is no check-in process, so you don’t have to worry about the ice melting after grabbing your drink. Just hop right into rest and relaxation mode!  

Private Beach, Quiet Sounds


Did I mention that Pearl Island was a private island?


Well, it is, and it’s also everything you would expect of one. Although there’s stereo system music playing at the bar, the architecture of the bar shack is built to keep music in that vicinity, so you don’t have to walk far to not hear it. There are a plethora of shaded lounge chairs all throughout the island with plenty of surrounding space to dwell. The scene is so relaxingly sweet that I had to set the alarm when I realized I was nodding off, just to ensure that I wouldn’t sleep the day away and miss out on everything else they had to offer!

Authentic Bahamian Lunch Included


Not only was the lunch, same day, freshly made Bahamian cuisine. It was also set-up in a buffet style! When I read that lunch was included, I expected over-grilled hamburgers, corndogs and a can of soda.


But this was real food.


If you eat like a linebacker like me, know that there is more than enough to go back for thirds without feeling guilty. The savory flavors made every trip to the table worth it.

Bonus: Free to Use Water Sports Equipment


After a few hours of napping and luxury lounging, try out the paddle boards, water trampoline and kayaks. All equipment is free to use and great if you want to break a little sweat or get a friendly competition going with a few buddies.




































— —


However you decide to spend your time at a beach, spending it at Pearl Island might be the best decision you could make on your Nassau vacation.


Go ahead and book a tour now. There’s a little bit of something for everyone: singles, couples, and family alike. There’s plenty of space and shade to go around and there’s lots of sea and sand to roll around! 


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