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The World's Famous Fish Fry in Nassau Bahamas

Known to Bahamian residents as The Fish Fry, Arawak Cay is one of the most popular places to knock back a local beer (Kalik or Sands), chat with locals, or sample traditional Bahamian cuisine.

You can get small dishes such as conch fritters or conch salad, or full Bahamian entrees at one of the many waterside restaurants.

The seafood here is to die for. It is super fresh! Most of the seafood is delivered daily by Bahamian fisherman and because conch is a local delicacy, its actually kept alive in salt water until you order!

Must Have Dishes:

Conch in general! The Bahamas is one of the few places in the world that you can get FRESH conch directly out of the ocean!

Conch salad is a delicious ceviche style dish ­the conch is diced with onions green peppers, cucumbers, and even fruit if requested.

It's tossed in fresh “goat” (habanero) pepper and the juice of limes and a little orange to cut the acidity.

Its delicious and healthy for those who take their diets on vacation :)

Conch fritters are delicious a spicy deep fried batter served with a tangy dipping sauce.

The batter is prepared with onion, thyme, chunks of fresh conch and spices. They are a favorite appetizer among visitors.

Cracked conch is another local favorite. The conch is tenderized so that its soft, seasoned with limes and spices, then battered and fried. It's delicious, often served with tartar sauce and french fries.

A local beer. There are several local beers brewed in the Bahamas.

The most popular are Kalik and Sands. Both have a “light” version. Great beers, both award winning handcrafted brews.

Tip: Kalik has a “Gold” version that's stronger than most beers sold in North America. It’s delicious, but one goes a long way!

Sky Juice aka Gully Wash. Offered at most local restaurants, this local concoction is a mixture of gin, fresh coconut water, coconut milk, and sometimes cinnamon and nutmeg.

Its delicious sweet and delicious, but stronger than it tastes! ­ Sip and enjoy. 

Whole snapper. ­ Ask a server for their freshest fish and­ usually its a whole red snapper. Bahamians make great seasoning rubs with salt, local peppers, and limes.

They typically prep fish early morning, to allow for a great marinated fish.

They do serve the whole fish (with head) and usually you can choose the size of fish you want ­ e.g. they will sometimes offer a $7, $8, or $10 snapper.

Nothing compares to a fresh caught fish marinated for a few hours.

You can enjoy them fried or grilled.

Tip: For children, or those that don’t like the idea of bones, try fish fingers ­

Fish Fingers are usually made with local grouper or mahi. Don’t leave the Bahamas without trying one. 

To round things out, try one of our favorite sides “peas n’ rice” and “baked macaroni & cheese”. These are local favorites made from scratch like everything else.

Don’t just visit Nassau Bahamas, truly experience what it has to offer!

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