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The Top 4 Beaches in Nassau

by Tanicia Pratt

Whenever I meet a visitor staying in The Bahamas, the first thing they always comment on is our beaches. In the Caribbean, I cannot deny that the scenery of our powder white sands and crystal-clear waters are a huge seller. In Nassau, specifically, there are tons of beautiful beaches where you can kick back, relax or have some active fun! From the Eastern end to the Western end, you’ll get my top 4 picks on which beaches are the best to visit while you’re in Nassau.

1. Cabbage Beach

Features: Great Waves, Sociable, Long Stretch

Cabbage Beach is the go-to beach whether you want to have a picnic with friends, make sandcastles with your kids, or indulge in water activities. Situated on Paradise Island (a bridge away from Nassau city), Cabbage beach sits under the Riu Hotel and often hosts all residents staying at the resort, and Paradise Island. It’s a very sociable beach! Residents can be seen catching a tan in their beach chairs or buying jewelry from beach vendors.

What makes Cabbage beach stand out is their mass beach strip which stretches to the end of Paradise Island. So, while there are tons of people found on the beach, you will never have to worry about losing a good spot.

The waters of Cabbage Beach are also a stand out. While all the beaches featured in this article, have beautiful blue waters, Cabbage Beach has the strongest current which is great for small surfing or paddle boarding.

When I want to have a social with my friends, Cabbage Beach is the best option. Just bring your speakers, food and drinks and you will find that the beach is the ultimate party on paradise! Just a 3-minute walk away from the entrance, there is a very cool restaurant & bar called Viola’s, where you can enjoy Mexican lunch and dinner cuisine after an eventful time on Cabbage Beach.

How to Get There: Cabbage Beach is located on Paradise Island next to Riu Hotel. If you are staying on the island, you can either take a scenic 10-minute walk (from Atlantis/Comfort Suites) or you can catch a taxi which shouldn’t cost you more than $10-20 USD. If you’re not on Paradise Island, you will need to catch a taxi or public transportation. Taxis may charge an additional $2 toll fee to cross the bridge. If you choose to take public transportation, you will need to take a #1, a #3 or a #11 bus at the cost of $1.25 USD per person. You will need to let the driver know that you are walking over Sidney Poitier Bridge. Once you’ve reached the bridge, yell “Bus Stop!”, for the bus driver to slow down and let you off the bus.

2. Saunders Beach

Features: Park + Public Bathrooms + Central Location

Growing up, Saunders Beach was my ideal beach for the summer. Because of its central location, it’s a very convenient beach to visit, saving time and expense on transportation.

Saunders Beach is one of the most child-friendly beaches in Nassau. It is more intimate in size, has lower tides and public bathrooms, and hosts a sand-park with slides, seesaws and swings.

Your children will never be bored or out of your sight. Saunders Beach is also great for pet-lovers. Oftentimes, residents are seen walking their dogs along the sidewalks or letting them take a swim in the shallow water.

Saunders Beach is also an ideal location for grabbing lunch. Visitors can (literally) crossover the West Bay Street to grab snacks from the gas station, or lunch from Pizza Hut, KFC or Burger King in under 5 minutes.

How to Get There: Saunders Beach is located on West Bay Street, close to Arawak Cay. Whether you’re staying on Nassau or Paradise Island, you can visit Saunders Beach by bus or taxi. Taxi fares to Saunders Beach normally cost $30 USD. If you plan on taking public transportation, you will need to catch a #10, a #10B or a #12 bus which will drop you off directly in front of the beach. Bus fare is $1.25 USD per person, ensure to advise the bus driver of your destination. You will need to yell “Bus Stop!”, for the bus driver to slow down and let you off the bus.

3. Nirvana (Love) Beach

Features: Seclusion + Natural Landscape + Relaxation

If you’re someone like me who desires to clear the mind and reach ultimate relaxation, Nirvana (Love) Beach is the beach for you. Located on the Western end of Nassau, Love Beach is nature’s treasure. The entrance of Love Beach has adequate parking for cars, in case you decide to purchase a rental car. When you first enter Love Beach, there is a small entertainment bar and lounge which sells food and drinks throughout the week. Because of its far location, not many residents visit Love Beach – creating a calm and quiet atmosphere for yoga, rest and meditation.

How to Get There: Nirvana (Love) Beach is located on West Bay Street, after passing Compass Point Beach & Resort. You can get to this beach by either taxi or public transportation. You can a #12 or a #10 bus which will take you directly to the beach’s entrance. Depending on where you’re located, a taxi can cost $30-40 to get to Nirvana Beach because it’s so far.

Cabbage Beach

4. Cable Beach

Features: White Sand + Watersports + Bathroom/Shower Facilities

Cable Beach can arguably be the best beach in Nassau, Bahamas. Located on West Bay Street, this long stretch of powder white sand and shallow crystal waters is a balance between relaxation and fun. Cable Beach is also safe for kids, because its stretch is quite narrow, it makes a good area where kids are not out of sight. Out of all the beaches, Cable Beach is the most flexible; becoming the atmosphere that is lively or calm, and for adults or kids.

On the Western side of Cable Beach, the atmosphere is the most calming and intimate. Especially during the morning time, its surroundings are great for taking a stroll or power walk. The West side is 100% natural shores, so there are no bathroom or outside shower facilities.

The Eastern side of Cable Beach holds a very energetic and lively atmosphere. There are more than three resorts located in East Cable Beach, so there are more facilities, bars and watersport activities.

If you’re looking for a more posh, upscale place to stay on Cable Beach, check out Melia’s all-inclusive Resort. However, if you want to express your wild, adventurous and party side, check out Breezes Resort (all-inclusive). Breezes also offers day passes which provides lunch, drinks, pool and access to the lustrous Cable Beach. They herald their resort’s beach view as the best on the island of New Providence.

How to Get There: Cable Beach is the longest beach located on West Bay Street. It begins at Breezes Resort and ends at Sandyport Marina. If you’re not living in the Cable Beach area, you can get there by taking a taxi for $30 USD or take public transportation. Buses #10 and #12 also pass the Cable Beach strip. You will pay $1.25 USD per person, and will need to yell “Bus Stop” for the bus driver to let you off at your destination.

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