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Taking the Bus to Cable Beach

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Cable Beach is just west of Downtown Nassau. It’s a great place for anyone on a Bahamas Cruise to spend a day.

There are great hotels that offer day passes, a few public beaches and a souvenir market. Unlike Cabbage Beach Nassau, there are few vendors and the beaches are less crowded.

but, Cable Beach is equally as beautiful.

Tourists flock to Cabbage Beach in droves due to its proximity to Atlantis

Taking the bus or jitney as it’s called by locals in Nassau is a breeze, literally.

It’s a short, windy ride along the coast line, very affordable ($1.25 per adult) and the bus stop is just a short walk away from the cruise port.

Cable Beach Bus Walking Directions

To get to the #10 Cable Beach Bus - walk out to the Cruise Welcome Center, straight ahead (along Parliament Street) one block past Via Cafe to Bay Street.

Make a right (on Bay Street). Head down about 3 to 4 blocks (pass the Straw Market). You will see buses lined up at the intersection of George at Bay Street (on your left).

Pay in exact cash as you get off the bus. Drivers generally do not give change.

US or Bahamian cash is accepted.

Tell the driver where you want to get off as you embark. The drivers will typically announce key points of interest as you approach.

You can take the #10 back to the ship. There is no Nassau, Cable Beach bus schedule, but jitneys pass every 10 minutes approximately.

Buses are on duty until sunset.

Tips That May Come In Handy

(1) The Nassau Cruise Ship port is very busy and crowded as it is the largest in the Caribbean.

If you have small children, it would be best if you can beat the crowd and get your commute to Cable Beach started early.

There are cabs everywhere Downtown Nassau, so if you do leave that immediate area, there are cabs available at other spots.

When departing any resort, they also have cars on standby in the event that you have not made separate arrangements.

You can negotiate round trip pricing with a cab driver if you wish.

(2) There is a smaller straw market that sells handmade souvenirs, t-shirts , and other accessories across the street from the Melia on Cable Beach, Nassau.

Alongside of it is a very popular daiquiri shack that is known for its fresh fruit and tropical drinks.

(3) Finally, Bahamians are super friendly and have a good sense of humor.

Talk with them, ask questions, and laugh! :)

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