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Five Fun Facts about Graycliff

by Mechelle Sweeting

Opposite the entrance of the prestigious Government House, you’ll find a cozy street that features a colorful walkway of stores, restaurants, and factories that exude Bahamian pride, class and culture; and are largely owned by the world famous Graycliff. Showcasing the best in wines, food, chocolates and more, it’s easy to be unsure of where to stop and discover first amongst Graycliff’s array of features. To help you navigate through and enjoy the best of these fascinating, fun and engaging hotspots, here are five fun facts about Graycliff!

Endless Chocolate Dessert Possibilities:  Have you ever imagined a warm plate of chocolate linguine topped with ice cream and crumbled walnuts or a bowl of fresh strawberries drizzled with a thick and velvety-sweet chocolate balsamic sauce, and thought that this could be your next dessert?  At the Graycliff Chocolatier, a chocolate lover’s dream is taken to another level with chocolate linguine, chocolate and raspberry pasta swirls and dark chocolate shavings (available from $19) which will excite your imagination and change the way you think of dessert.  These can fit comfortably in your check-in luggage (once packaged properly to avoid damaging) or at your townhouse or condo if there are cooking utensils available. For a more on-the-go approach, they offer over twenty-three flavored chocolate varieties including their top sellers:  ‘Twist of Lime’ made with white chocolate and key lime, and ‘Sea Salt Caramel’ made with dark chocolate and sea salt, which were personally shown to me by Head Chocolatier Stafford Forbes.

From Covent to Winery – Bahamas Barrels is for the Wine Enthusiast at heart!  Looking to swirl and taste one of the finest in Bahamian bottled wine? You can sip, sample and peruse through columns of wine (in red, white or whichever type you fancy) at the Bahamas’ first and only winery – Bahamas Barrels.  Housed in history amidst the painted walls of the once known Mountbatten house and Sisters of Charity Church (initially built in 1937),   Bahamas Barrel also cellars and bottles its wines such as Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, and Primitivo. If you’re unable to stop into the winery, the wines are available for purchase in the Graycliff Chocolatier.

Award-Winning Dining that caters to the Vegan and Gluten-Free Guests:  The last thing you want to do is stop into a high-class restaurant and discover that your best vegan or gluten-free options are salads, soups or if you’re lucky – a sorbet.  At the Graycliff restaurant, their level of class and sophistication goes beyond the status quo as their chefs will create and serve entrees and appetizers to match the needs of guests – including vegan and gluten-free! Graycliff notes that they receive these requests often and offer options such as pastas with tomato sauce, mushrooms or vegetables, as well as Ratatouille (a traditional French stewed vegetable dish consisting of onions, zucchinis, courgettes, garlic, peppers and aubergines in a rich tomato base, which can be eaten as an entrée or side dish). It’s important that all guests state their food preferences and restrictions before placing their order.

With First Class and Five Star being termed synonymous with the Graycliff brand, each year their dining experience is recognized by the best in the industry: both locally and internationally.  With countless awards for their food and wines, you never have to worry about the sophistication and class you’ll receive during your dining experience. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Graycliff was voted the #1 Best Restaurant in the Caribbean by USA Today’s Readers Choice Awards for 2019. Graycliff also has one of the largest wine collections in the world, boasting over 250,000 wines!

Enjoy a fresh Brick Oven-Baked Pizza in 10 minutes! Ahhhh pizza! It seems like it’s the one early afternoon/late night snack that we can’t get away from! Graycliff’s Giotto Pizzeria, located in the same vicinity as the Humidor Restaurant (and in the Domestic & International Departures Airport Terminal), takes pizza to gourmet status with a thin handmade crust that is topped with freshly prepared ingredients and baked quickly and evenly in a brick oven for that robust wood fire taste.  Giotto guests can bite into these scrumptious 10”/12” pizzas after approximately 10 minutes and enjoy while waiting for their departure flight to Canada, the Bahamian family islands or other parts of the Caribbean, or on their way back to the hotel or cruise ship. The most popular pizza is the Meat Lovers which has slices of pepperoni, salami, roast beef and sausage, layered on top of cheese and tomato sauce. For guests looking to try an out-of-the-box cheese, Giotto at Graycliff will wow you with its four kinds of cheese including Goat Cheese, Parmesan and two types of mozzarella! Note: sizes and price vary by location.

Visit a Mural depicting the culture: To the right of the restaurant’s entrance is a mural that stands tall and proud as it depicts the interconnected relationship between nature and humankind.  Solidifying the Bahamas through golden and turquoise hues, the ship representation (the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria) connected to explorer Christopher Columbus upon discovering the Bahamas and the various skin complexions to symbolize the Bahamian people, this mural is an artistic way to see a piece of the Bahamas’ history in a glance.  This mural displays the strong link of art and history in the Bahamas, where there is an abundance of paintings and sculptures and other murals located throughout the downtown area which neighbors the Graycliff restaurant.

To enjoy the epitome of the Graycliff experience, the Rum Runners Passage Tour is your best choice, as it combines three aspects of Graycliff’s selection and includes two (2) chocolate samples and a walkthrough of the restaurant and its facilities (inside and out). This tour gives a personal perspective of John Graycliff’s vision and the offerings of Bahamian sophistication and style, that is simply unmatched and waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Book your Rum Runners Tour today with Book A Tour Caribbean and experience the Graycliff difference!

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