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A Day At The Melia - A Customer's Review

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Poolside Melia

I got to The Melia shortly after 11am on a Saturday. The check-in line was a bit longer than expected as there was a group of about seven couples before me. 

I was definitely a bit annoyed after the near 20-minute wait.

When I got to the desk however, I was immediately greeted with a smile and a genuine apology. I told the server I reserved a day pass but didn’t have my itinerary on me.

She searched the system for a minute until I realized I should at least mention that I booked through BookATourCaribbean. Somehow, I figured she was searching through Melia’s main hotel reservation books.

The check-in process after that was immediately expedited. They had a folder filled with bookings anticipating the arrival of day pass guests.

I would suggest to be sure to download a PDF of your reservation on your phone so it’s easily accessible, even offline. Or, just tell them that you booked with BookATourCaribbean.

They gave me a band for access, an activities schedule, a restaurant list, a Starbucks drink voucher -- which was needed because of the humidity in Nassau that day was intense compared to the winter-like weather in Oklahoma.

From there, I was on my way!

I spent a lot of time relaxing in the adult pool with the swim-up bar.

The servers made me feel like I was the only person whom they had to cater to!

The servers were extremely hospitable and attentive. I realized that if you engage them, they’re not opposed to keeping up a conversation.

In hindsight, they made me feel like I was the only person whom they had to cater to!

There was no rushing me to order or irritation when I sent my Bahama Mama back (it was just a bit too sweet for my palette, haha).

I ended up getting a regular Vodka Sprite which was $9 - $11 with tax (free drinks and food was not included in the pass).

At first, I was a bit apprehensive to spend so much on a drink especially since I’m used to Vodka Sprites being around $6 flat, but my experience that day showed Bahamian bartenders are very generous and thankfully, very heavy handed with alcohol in their drinks. It was practically two drinks in one cup so... beware.


Around 1pm, I cleaned up in the bathroom facilitates which I found to be very tidy despite the high volume traffic (I think cleaners stay nearby). Afterward, I headed over to the beach café and was offered a menu for review while I waited to be seated.

Since I had a company of one, I was seated fairly quickly with a gorgeous view of the shore. I did see many open tables for up to six people, however.

The available space was pretty surprising because the café was well occupied--maybe up to 70 people but for some reason it did not feel crowded at all (I think it’s because its an open commons area styled architecture).

After munching down their Seafood Ceviche, which was also served reasonably quickly and totaled to $12 ($15 with taxes), I was offered a free bottle of water and headed to the beach to catch a quick tan. 

The ambiance was absolutely the most calming I have experienced in my years of visiting the Bahamas.

This day pass was my first time at Melia Beach and although there were many people, there wasn’t that over-crowded, claustrophobia-inducing vibe most beaches have.

It was a freeing alternative to a public beach, and overall, I’d say better than a scheduled tour-guide excursion.

I had the freedom to roam the open grounds and come and go as I pleased. If space and freedom in this regard are essential to you, I definitely recommend this beach over any others!

After drifting to sleep a few times, I decided to get a little active.

I remembered reading on BookATourCaribbean’s site that paddle boats and kayaks would have to be rented, but when I approached the guy managing them he told me there were included with the pass.

I’m not sure how accurate this information was, as the check-in desk didn’t mention it in the list of available amenities. But, I obviously didn’t debate him!

I used a paddle boat (they had nearly 10 available) until my arms fell off (which means, for about 30 mins – what a wimp I am!), then went over to the jet ski guys.

Since I initially planned to pay with a card, and their card machine “accidentally dropped in the water and broke ‘yesterday’” (as said by who I assumed was the boss), I decided I already had a fulfilling day and left the resort early. 

After packing up and exiting around 4pm, I went across the street to the mini Straw Market.


This was also my first time here, and it was a delightful change from the main Straw Market downtown.

If anyone has ever visited downtown Nassau’s Straw Market, he or she would know that there is a possibility of being bombarded with a gazillion merchants trying to make a sale. It’s sometimes uncomfortable.

The ladies in the Market across from Melia however, were exceedingly pleasant and calm mannered.

they left me with a smile

I was greeted with a gentle, “Good day, do you need any help?” and with a “No, thank you! Just looking,” they left me with a smile. 

All in all, the culture of this area was most definitely much more peaceful than that of downtown.

I recommend anyone that is looking for a day of maximum relaxation and minimum stress to consider a Melia Day Pass.

Although food and drinks were not included--as a huge foodie, I had to come to terms with this beforehand. I can say without reservation that every dollar I spent was worth it, and given the opportunity I would spend them again!

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