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A Bahamian Local: Breezes Resort Day Pass Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

by Tanicia Pratt

Finding activities in Nassau can be very frustrating – even for locals like myself. The problem isn’t the number of places, but the quality or standard of the services offered by service establishments.

Breezes Resort & Spa has been vocal in advertising their day passes. The day passes at Breezes’ all-inclusive resort is said to entertain visitors and give locals the best ‘staycation’ experience on the island.

Yesterday, I arrived at Breezes shortly after 11 am. A front desk representative greeted me warmly and quickly called me to the counter. I mentioned my name, that I booked through “Book A Tour Caribbean,” and my Day Pass was immediately processed. The timeframe was pretty short. The employee took no more than 10 minutes to get me through the system.

The employee handed me a guest waiver and explained that the contract gave the resort permission to include me in their land or water activities. I signed the guest waiver and was given a yellow wrist band.

I was told that the day pass allows guests to explore the facilities between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. Finally, I was given a short tour of the resort, and was advised that my day pass would include:

  • Meals (Lunch & Snacks - yay!)

  • Unlimited Drinks

  • Beach Access w/ free towels

  • Access to Water & Land Activities (i.e., kayaking, paddle boating, sailing, tennis, fitness center & more)

The resort also offers free bag security services. These services come in handy for persons who may need to bring a bag with changing clothes and other valuables. The bellman secured my luggage in Breezes’ storage area and gave me a ticket, to return, once I was ready to collect my bags.

Meals & Unlimited Drinks

All day-pass guests are offered free lunch & snacks at Breezes’ Banana Boat buffet and Reggae Café. Banana Boat is located downstairs, West of the lobby. Reggae Café is located outside near the pool area. Banana Boat opens its doors at 12:30 pm and closes at 2:30 pm.

The buffet serves an assortment of gourmet cuisine for all guests. The restaurant is appropriate for all ages, offering soups, pasta, pizzas, quesadillas, buttered vegetables & baked potatoes, baked chicken, pulled pork, tacos and so much more.

There is also a separate area that offers fruits (watermelon, grapes, strawberries, etc.), cheeses, dessert cakes, bread, and a salad & sandwich bar. For non-alcoholic drinks, the restaurant has an area, right of the entrance, that offers hot coffee & tea, and a soda & juice fountain. However, once you’ve taken your seat in the dining area, there are waiters present to take your drink order (free of charge!).

For appetizers, I tried their spinach cream soup, w/ Johnny bread, a salad, and fruits. My main course consisted of maple-glazed chicken, vegetable rice, buttered vegetables, and sweet potato tempura.


Once I sat down, a waitress immediately came to my table to take my beverage order. I asked her for iced coffee. Although this beverage wasn’t on the menu, the waitress personally prepared my beverage, and it was amazing! For dessert, I ate the almond cranberry tart and fudge brownies –the cherry on top of my lunch.

It’s rare that you find a restaurant where everything is delicious! My food was hot, well-seasoned and flawlessly cooked. I encourage that all day-pass guests to visit the Banana Boat as a part of their day-pass experience.

After so much activity, you may get a little 'snackish' throughout the day. The poolside Reggae Café is open 11:30 am to 5:30 pm and serves an array of quick snacks like burgers, hot dogs, conch fritters, Greek salads and more.

I ordered their mouthwatering cheeseburger with fries. Everything is made is to order, so the fries were hot and crunchy, and my cheeseburger was tender and moist.

Breezes’ also offers unlimited drinks & cocktails at their ‘Sip-n-Dip’ pool bar found in the pool area. Just name the drink, and the bartenders will whip it up for you!

Beach Access (w/ free Towels)

Breezes’ beautiful beach strip truly stands out amongst other beaches in Nassau. The beach’s clean powder-white sand and shallow crystal blue waters are the best for enjoying your water activities.

Just grab a free towel and lounge chair at Breezes’ towel bar, and you are free to swim for as long as you’d like!

For a more luxurious experience, Breezes offers beach canopy rentals which come with a tent, two chairs, one table, and complimentary waiter service.

Canopy rental is an additional US$50, purchased at the front desk.

Water & Land Activities

The resort is filled with land and water activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Land activities include access to Breezes’ fitness center, game hall, rock wall climbing, tennis, spa services, beach volleyball, and beach ladder tossing.

For persons that love water activities, Breezes’ hosts beach kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding & sailing, as well as pool volleyball; you can find their Water Activities hut (next to the Towel bar), to collect and drop off your activity supplies.

The beach water activities are open throughout the day and normally end around 4pm. There are also lifeguards and entertainment staff on duty, throughout the pool and beach area, to ensure your safety always.

Other services I noticed were their free wifi access, and changing rooms.

Once I was ready to go, I collected my duffle bag and went into the changing rooms – east of the lobby. I was surprised at how spacious they were. Each changing room has a bench, a personal shower, and complimentary soap & shampoo.


Breezes Resort holds a rich history in Nassau, Bahamas. The resort was first known as Sonesta Beach (in the 60s) before being transformed into Whyndam Beach Hotel (late 1980’s).

SuperClubs then purchased the hotel in 1995 and opened its doors as “Breezes Resort & Spa.” For over twenty years, this land has attracted people – residing and overseas – who desire leisure under in The Bahamas.

Breezes have made their resort yours, to roam for the day! The only amenities not included in the day-pass package are room accommodations, free spa services, and gift store purchases.

Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to have such a good time! Breezes staff were also a highlight of the resort. The staff truly provided me with excellent customer service. From the front desk representative to the entertainment staff, everyone was friendly, helpful and conversational.

How to Get There?

Bus: If you’re visiting the island, the best place to find a bus is Downtown, Bay Street. Bus routes 10A or 12B drop you off at a bus stop in front of Breezes Resort.

You can find these buses on George Street, corner just off of Bay Street (across from the Pompey Museum). Once you’re on the bus, you’re expected to pay US$1.25 once you’ve arrived at Breezes. It’s best to have exact change or smaller bills that are easy to change.

Breezes Resort is located on West Bay Street, so the journey will take about 20 minutes (from Downtown). Once you’re near Breezes’ bus stop (bright yellow), shout “Bus Stop!”. It’s important to announce your stop, or else you will have to wait for the next available stop. If you’re visiting Breezes from the airport, you can catch a 12B bus to the resort.

Taxi: Whether you’re at the airport, or on Bay Street, you can find a taxi often parked on the main roads. Bahamian taxi drivers often wear button-down shirts or long-sleeves with ties.

Their license plates are white & black, and the normal charge is no more than US$30 for a one-way trip.

So, is Breezes day-pass worth the purchase? Most definitely!

Breezes was so amazing I had to write a Breezes Bahamas Day Pass Review

Whether you live in Nassau, or just want to explore more activities during your visit, getting a Day-Pass at Breezes is worth every single penny.

As a local, I find that Breezes Resort & Spa has done a terrific job in packaging what today’s visitors enjoy in their itinerary.

The day-passes are normally US$100, but if you book through Book A Tour Caribbean, you will receive the ultimate deal.

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