Among the most exciting activities for visitors to Nassau, Bahamas and residents alike are fishing charters — a great way to spend quality time with family and friends while on vacation, or just taking a break to enjoy sun and sea in The Bahamas.

Born Free Fishing offers the best Nassau fishing experience with full day and half day options. We bring unmatched convenience to your fishing charter experience, allowing you to put all of your attention on your good company and the incoming catch.

Where do we start?

Depending on where you’re staying, we’ll recommend one of our three starting points — the East Bay Street Marina (close to Harbour Bay Shopping Center, so you can bring extra snacks and drinks if you want to add to the delicious treats we have to offer), Paradise Island dock by Margaritaville (a short walk from Atlantis and Marina Village), and Woodes Rogers Wharf (downtown Nassau, near to where cruise ships dock). If you’re just stopping over on a cruise, don’t worry! We’ve got a package to give you maximum fun within a reasonable timeframe so you won’t have to rush back to the ship in Nassau harbor. We know the captain is not on island time!

Full or half?

Our fishing charters are either four hours or eight hours in length. Half day charters start at 8am or 1pm, and full day charters start at 8am or 9am. Though we have set start times, one of the perks of a private charter is that you can request a different start time, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Another perk, of course, is that you have greater freedom to choose your activities. Do you want to add snorkeling? Fit in a swim with the turtles? Maybe you’d like to combine a number of activities to suit your party’s interests. If you’re pressed for time, you can still get four hours of fun and fresh catch for lunch or dinner with a half day Nassau fishing experience. On a full day fishing charter, you can pack from a variety of activities to relax after your big catch.

What should we pack?

When you go fishing with us, you really don’t need to bring much with you. Wear a swimsuit, toss sunscreen in your bag, and bring your camera to capture the memories. We welcome you to bring your own snacks, but your fishing charter will be well-stocked with refreshments. If you like, we can help you to make arrangements for a full meal on board. We, of course, take care of the rods and reels too. We even have snorkeling gear you can use to explore marine life in The Bahamas.

Catch of the day

What you catch will depend on your choice of deep sea fishing or shallow water fishing and the time of year. On your deep sea Nassau fishing excursion, you’ll have a chance at catching the predatory and stealthy barracuda, our national fish, the blue marlin, white marlin, dolphinfish, wahoo, and blackfin tuna among others. If you opt for reef fishing, you have a good chance of catching a range of fish including grouper, snapper, yellowtail, and kingfish. Your fishing charter, full or half day, could also bring you grunts, squirrelfish, sailfish, and Spanish mackerel. Whichever you choose for your Nassau fishing experience, you are sure to catch yourself a great dinner or trophy with us!

Deep Sea or Reef?

Deep sea fishing, also known as offshore fishing, is the way to go for a bit more adventure. We go at least 20 miles from the shore, and the ocean is more than 30 meters deep. More than a hobby, deep sea fishing is a sport and requires more equipment than reef fishing. This is where you fight with the mahi-mahi, known for its strength, and you have the chance to catch a marlin which puts on a show when it breaks the water. For a reef fishing experience, we take you to the best spots where reef fish like grouper and snapper spend their time. This option is more family friendly, perfect for bringing children along, and you are likely to catch more fish.

Let’s talk vessels

We have an incredible fleet of six vessels that are well-maintained, comfortable, and up to the task ahead. They range from 31’ to 55’. Born Free IV is a 48-foot Chris Craft which we recommend for groups of 6 to 8 fishing charter guests, and has a galley, sun deck, and 2 bathrooms. Born Free II is 35’, ideal for up to six guests, and features a covered deck where you can enjoy the sea breeze without the intensity of the sun. There’s also the option to sit upstairs with the captain for an even more stunning view of the Bahama blues. Our largest vessel is the 55-foot Cocorijo with capacity for a party of 8. With three private rooms, three bathrooms, a salon, and a full galley, this is luxury. The baby of them all is a 31-foot Bertram we call Sitting Pretty. It has a capacity of 6 guests and has a small cabin, a bathroom, and a covered deck. As you can see, we’ve got a vessel perfect to meet your fishing charter needs.

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