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Close To Port​

NO Vendors Allowed

Best Price Guarantee

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Refunds For Inclement Weather

Snorkel Gear Included

Receive Instant Vouchers

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Private Seating $1050 - $2000, 

Open Seating $130-$200

Comfort Venture Boat Tour



Come and have an adventure through the Exuma Cays with a native-born tour guide raised in Exuma, Bahamas! An abundance of tours are available, ranging from snorkeling to Bahamian hand-line fishing, reef fishing, deep-sea fishing, sightseeing, conch diving, spearfishing, and so much more! It's  an awesome day of fun, love, laughter, & excitement! You can customize your own tour of Exuma, Bahamas with private & group charters, ferry service, half & full-day tours. There are multiple boats available for large groups and parties. Several excursions and tours to multiple locations are also available. Come and capture the Pirates of the Caribbean island. Try them all! Everything. Come have fun!


While on the way, take a walk on the two-mile-plus sand bar, go diving in Thunderball Grotto, snorkel to see a sunken drug plane, feed the iguanas, take in the view of Starfish Bay, and come for an adventure with the swimming pigs, perhaps even spot a sea creature! Meet and interact with the locals there and go diving for your own seafood, such as conch & lobster. Just kick back and relax and enjoy a homemade conch salad made right in front of you with your own catch. Later, come to an exotic Out Islands' yacht club to dine and drink fineee wine. All of these great adventures awaits you at Exuma, Bahamas!


A typical day trip through The Exuma Cays:


  • Feed Bahamian rock iguanas

  • Visit Blowhole Beach

  • Stop for lunch on Staniel Cay

  • See the pigs

  • Pet a stingray and hold a starfish

  • Snorkel in the Out Islands

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What's Included:

What's included in this boat tour through The Exuma Cays are the most scenic beaches in the Bahamas and a tour from our guide. Come and see the spectacular iguanas, majestic birds, small beaches, and best of all -- THE SWIMMING PIGS! Be prepared to fall in love with The Exumas for its endless waters, pristine coastlines, and flawless natural beauty.

Getting There:

We will tell you your pickup spot based on what ship or hotel you're staying via email upon making your reservation.

How It Works:

Once your reservation has been made and you have paid a deposit for your tour, a receipt via email will immediately be issued. Within the email, you you will also receive information on transportation, meeting instructions, contact information, and anything else that is relevant for the particular tour/excursion. This receipt gives you admission and must be presented upon arrival. At that moment, you will pay your balance and you are all set to go!

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