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BookATourCaribbean was started because we found that the great experiences are not always the most available. Great tour operators and guides concern themselves with their tours, not answering emails, not creating websites, and not processing credit card payments. 

Cruise operators and big corps concern themselves with the business of getting your bucks but don't necessarily provide a good, authentic experience. 
While we have traveled all over the world, we are from the Caribbean and still call it home. We know what paradise really has to offer. Because the Bahamas are the most frequently visited destinations in the Caribbean, there are an overwhelming amount of tours, excursions, and activities available. We found however, that visitors were hungry for real experiences that truly allowed them to enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters, try real food, and interact with the friendly locals.


We are not a  tour company selling tours and excursions that we've never experienced ourselves. We've hand picked a select group of tour operators that provide the best local experiences when it comes to things to do in the Caribbean. We truly want you to enjoy our countries and make the best of the time that you have there. Whether you've booked a resort pass, snorkel or eco-adventure; if you're a cruise passenger, or if you're flying in and enjoying an extended vacation in Nassau Bahamas, we've got the perfect tour activity or shore excursion for you. Less is more. There are some tours and day excursions that we've opted not to offer. We've vetted our operators to ensure that they are timely, knowledgeable of the islands, and have high standards for customer service. This allows us to ensure a very pleasurable experience and value for your hard earned time and money. So go on, don't just take a trip, experience a destination. Even if you don't book anything with us we want to thank you for take the time to stop by and check us out.



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